Sidney Has No Horses

A Prairie-Ice Production

Thank you to our generous supporters...

Thank you to our generous supporters...

The film is moving forward! In no small part our volunteers and supporters are making it both possible and fun. Special thanks go to contributors:

  • Chicago Filmmakers
  • Chicago Filmmakers is a 37 year-old, non-profit, media arts organization that fosters the creation and understanding of film and video that will have important social and community impact. The 8-year relationship between the Prairie-Ice filmmakers and Chicago Filmmakers has grown from technical support in the form of classes, workshops, and documentary labs; to community outreach, networking, and distribution planning; and ultimately to becoming our Fiscal Sponsors.
  • Lawyers for the Creative Arts
  • Lawyers for the Creative Arts provides pro bono legal assistance to clients in all areas of art, culture, media, entertainment, and the performing arts. They offer direct counseling and maintain a referral program to hundreds of attorneys in the Chicago area.


  • I Dig Music
  • Composer Ron Steele, Jr. of I Dig Music was born into a music dynasty. Much like an ancient guild of troubadours his Grandfather, Bobby Christian played with all the greats of his era (The entire Rat Pack) and the same can be said of Ron’s father, Ron Steele, Sr.


  • Matt Fagerholm and The Ebert Company
  • Director Salvatore Consalvi met film critic Matt Fagerholm (The Ebert Company) at a film screening in 2012. Matt’s blog, Indie Outlook highlights the latest and greatest in modern independent cinema. Acclaimed filmmakers and veteran critics alike take part in engaging discussions about everything from micro-budget film production to the influence of independent film on the mainstream.
  • Matt was immediately intrigued by the project and has since interviewed the director on both his blog and podcast (see link below). He is keeping up with the project through the newsletter, blog, and Facebook page and has offered to interview the filmmakers at key moments during the completion and promotion of the film.
  • Interview:


  • Bryan Wendorf and The Chicago Underground Film Festival
  • Bryan Wendorf founded the longest-running “underground” film festival in the world. Hosted at the legendary Logan Theatre, the Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF) continues to shine a bright spotlight on avant-garde, underground, and cult cinema by drawing enthusiastic film fans from all over the world. Over the years Bryan has followed the filmmakers progress, introducing them to an incredible array of cutting edge films and the media-artists who produce them. Bryan will be invited to the screening of the rough-cut and the final film will be submitted to this niche yet influential festival.
  • Pearson and Graham Graphic Art Services
  • Website design and development and graphics