...a slow motion collision between modern and ancient minds

...a slow motion collision between modern and ancient minds

Sidney Has No Horses

A Prairie-Ice Production

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If our grandmother becomes sick, none of us will be nourished...

Sidney Has No Horses is a medicine man, carpenter, hunter, artist . . . Chief. His ceremonies are authentic; his spiritual lineage is legendary including Frank Fools Crow, and Crazy Horse.


Filmmaker Salvatore Consalvi has received unprecedented access to his life, spiritual beliefs, home, and community.


We are looking to complete funding for post-production by winter of 2016 and ask you to help fund the second round of editing.



Your donation will directly fund post-production. It will keep the lights on in the editing suite, make animation possible, and tune our instruments for a powerful score.


Please keep an eye on our progress through our newsletter, social media, or website. We encourage your feedback and hope to meet you at one of our outreach or fundraising events...so by all means introduce yourself!