Sidney Has No Horses

A Prairie-Ice Production

Preserving culture for future generations...

Preserving culture for future generations...

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Revealing private visions, indigenous religion, and rich, holistic world views, accurately revealed to the modern world.

Over a four-year period filmmakers Salvatore Consalvi has received unprecedented access to Sidney's life, spiritual beliefs, home, and community. The documentary reveals his private visions, an indigenous religion, and a rich, holistic world-view. Though these may seem strange, brutal, outdated, or even insane, we see Sidney willfully opening himself to ridicule and strife in an attempt to preserve his culture for future Lakota, and to accurately reveal it to the modern world.


Sidney Has No Horses is a Medicine Man, carpenter, hunter, artist . . . chief. His ceremonies are authentic and his spiritual lineage is legendary, including Frank Fools Crow, and Crazy Horse.



In this way the documentary addresses many questions still relevant to modern understanding of reality. So by exploring the suffering and dark humor of an indigenous religion surviving in the corporate age we are again asking if something of great human value has been lost to modernity.


Please join us on this rare journey through deprivation and suffering to the spiritual practices and world-view connecting one indigenous community to its ancestors and the Great Mystery.